The moment of the contract is definitely the highlight of any trade negotiation .

Sometimes simple misunderstanding or a phase of negotiation carried out in the wrong way can damage months of work, the corporate image that you created with a lot of efforts can block the future business in a foreign country with strong earnings prospects .

Precisely for this reason at this stage our professionals can be your winning move to focus on this moment.



We guarantee specialists in translation and interpretation of confidence, specialized in briefing with a strong knowledge of the technical terms of trade in two languages Italian / Korean.


Thanks to our database and our professional network in South Korea , we can find the most reliable importer and distributors for your product. Once you have found the Korean counterpart, we guarantee its reliability through research on the company’s business profile and turnover .



Consigliamo sempre ai nostri clienti prima di firmare un contratto di farsi assistere da legali e chiedere pareri fiscali.

Avendo al tuo fianco l’IPF Business Consulting puoi utilizzare i nostri partner legali o fiscali, tutti selezionati per le loro specifiche competenze in ambito export/import che ti seguiranno nell’assistenza giudiziale e We always recommend you to be assisted by legal and tax opinion before signing a contract. Having IPF B.C. by your side, you can get advised from our legal or tax partner , all selected for their specific know-how in the field of export / import that will follow in assisting judicial and extrajudicial(in and out of court), will assist in details on civil,commercial and corporate laws incidental to every contract between companies .Upon your request, We can guide you from the standpoint of legal / fiscal to the most advantageous contract for you and your company step by step.


With our agreements with all types of hotels, which have best accomodation chains in Korea, you can take advantage of discount for your staying.