Professionalism, honesty, integrity,morality, multiculturalism, innovation,growth, optimism.

These are the ideal values upon which ourbusiness, our professionalism and ourconsultancy are based for you.

IPF Business Consulting was established with the need to manage risk for larger enterprises and SMEs who want to challenge one of the most dynamic markets in the world, the South Korean market.

IPF business is built as a multi-service center that ensures to manage these initiatives to achieve the maximum of the objectives on this new challenge that you want to face up with.

From searching your ideal distributors to checking the reliability of the companies, from market research and analysis report on the every category of product to the solving problems with customs; to taking care of legal and fiscal aspects on your company landing on a new continent and to the credit recovery in the international circumstances.

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Do not go on a long journey by yourself,
Take IPF Business Consulting as your guide.

Entrusting IPF Business Consulting with tasks related to import / export of your target means having an foreign trade office without consuming your internal resources.

IPF places itself in the Italian company consulting panorama, as the most organized enterprise to act as a bridge between Italian and Korean market. With a large number of business contacts between Italy / Korea, many years of scouting activities and daily monitoring, and especially thanks to the guaranteed reliability of local partners, we can ensure your best business operation with our professional assistance to achieve your goals.


    The deep knowledge that we have gained in the Korean market allows us to carry out specific projects to support customers so that they can make strategic decisions on every possible commercial development plan.


    Our services are designed with professionalism. However, we are ready to offer tailor-made services for each single customer because our final goal doesn’t lie in applying our own rules but in meeting the needs and the expectations of our customers.

    IPF Business Consulting’s company structure is flexible, because the decisions are taken in a decentralized way, closer to the customer.


    Every service activity that we offer is synonymous with involvement, passion, sharing of destiny. It is also synonymous with the moral duty because we put all our strength and intelligence in services for our customers to exceed their expectations. Always.


    Since we are an active member of society, we do what we can to improve the society with commitment. We don’t work just to make a profit but work on connecting different world, which we believe is a right thing. Making markets talk each other is creating a conversation between cultures and people as well. A conversation that is always honest and aimed to make the world better where we live as professionals, citizens, parents, voters and volunteers.